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Maharlika Hall

Looking for a place to hold an event, seminar, or any activity that you would like that needs to be held indoors? Our Maharlika Hall will fit most of

Barracks I & II

One of the most recognizable camp features or establishment in the campsite is our Barracks I and II. The two are identical outside but differs from inside. Perfect

Open Cottage

Going for a swim with your friends or family? Check out and try our open cottages wich is located just beside the pool area. With a capacity


Try out one of the newest addition on our accommodations, our Kubo. It has a receiving area with a kitchen sink, also the room inside is equipped

Private Rooms

Rooms are also available if you want more privacy and experience a somehow apartment type accommodation. Fully air-conditioned rooms with a dining table good for two, a good

Viewing Deck 50 max persons

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Have Fun And Be Relaxed

Awesome camp activities partnered with great accommodations

We know the importance of having a well and deserved resting place for our clients, that’s why we’re continuing to build new infrastructures and placed where our clients can rest up after experiencing and trying out what our camp has to offer. From a simple Kubo besides the pool area that can host up several people, up to a fully furnished apartment type room complete with air conditioning.

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“Very accommodating game masters…very peaceful site… just improve more of the facilities and add more exciting games and make it more “sulit” for the campers. Generally its more fun in Tanay Adventure Camp!!! ;-)”
David Gallego
“The place and the view is just amazing! The activities they have provided our company was great! I won’t mind going back there. Although they have to work on changing some of the pieces of hand/feet holds on the wall climbing as they are kinda rickety already.”

“Best time was when we had stargazing. Epic night!”